Function of silicon controlled rectifier in resistance welding machine

2020-02-14 690

What is the function of SCR in resistance welding machine? It is widely used in automatic control, electromechanical field, industrial electrical and household appliances. Thyristor is an active switching element, which is usually kept in the non channel state until it is triggered or "lit" by less control signals. Once lit,it will hold the channel through even if the trigger signal is evacuated, and then it can be cut off by increasing a reverse voltage between its anode and cathode, perhaps reducing the current flowing through the thyristor diode to a certain value.


Resistance welding machine is to press the welding workpiece between two electrodes and apply current. Through the thermal effect of resistance generated by the current flowing through the contact surface and adjacent areas of the workpiece, it is heated to a molten or plastic state to form metal bonding. What are the welding methods?

1. Butt welding: butt welding is a resistance welding method for welding parts along the whole contact surface

2. Spot welding: spot welding is a resistance welding method, in which the welded parts are assembled into lap joints and pressed between two cylindrical electrodes, and the base metal is thermally melted by resistance to form a welded joint. Spot welding is mainly used for thin plate welding;

3. Seam welding: the process of seam welding is similar to spot welding, but the rotating disc roller electrode is used to replace the column electrode to assemble the welded parts into lap joint or butt joint and place them between two roller electrodes. The roller compresses the welding parts and rotates, continuously or intermittently deliverselectric power, forming a continuous welding resistance welding method;

4. Projection welding: excellent welding is a resistance welding method in which one or more protuberances are pretreated on the joint surface of one workpiece to contact with the surface of another workpiece and then electrically heated, and then collapsed to form a solder joint. Projection welding is the deformation of spot welding,which is mainly used to weld stamping parts of low carbon steel and low alloy steel. The best thickness of metal plate projection welding is 0.5-4mm, and spot welding should be used when the thickness is less than 0.25mm. With the development of automobile industry,high productivity bump welding has been widely used in automobile parts manufacturing. Outstanding welding is also widely used for the connection of wires and pipes.

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