Preparation for welding stainless steel pipe

2020-03-05 561

No matter what product must have certain preparation and inspection, so before welding stainless steel pipe. Targeted preparations should be made. This preparation is an important part to ensure the welding quality. Its contents are mainly considered from the following three aspects:

Qualification of welding operator's skill for stainless steel welded pipe it is necessary for the welder engaged in welding operation to work with certificate and strictly follow the allowable welding items indicated on the operation certificate. The welder shall have more than two years' welding experience of stainless steel or chromiummolybdenum steel. Before using welding materials, the welding rod shall be baked according to the operation instructions (if there are no rules, it is generally required to The drying temperature was 150-200 ℃,and the drying time was 1 h. It is necessary to use a special oven with controllable temperature for baking. The dried welding rod should be put in the heat preservation cylinder for use. The exposed electrode should be baked from the beginning for more than 2 hours, and should not be repeated more than 3 times.


The groove of stainless steel welded pipe can be machined or plasma cut. Before welding, the oxide layer and burr at the groove should be removed first. In order to eliminate the spatter after welding, the chalk slurry can be applied within the range of 50 mm on both sides of the weld, and then it can be eradicated after welding. As the stainlesssteel and carbon steel touch will produce "carburization" appearance, it is necessary to transport the welding bead and spatter finishing Use special grinding wheel and stainless steel brush.

Welding is a technical work, so we can't do anything without preparation. Must go through the preparation, to ensure all safety and normal operation of the premise, can start to prepare a series of welding operations.

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