How to clean the welding roller frame?

2020-03-11 567

Welding roller frame is often used in our industrial production, but it is also easy to get dirty, especially the bottom of the frame, which is difficult to clean. The following intelligent product series will show you how to clean the bottom of the drum structure, clean the bottom of the drum structure? The cleaning of roller frame needs specialcleaning agent.

Before cleaning, remove the other disassembled parts of support wheel and tube wheel; put the disassembled parts into the container, and add professional detergent and water in the ratio of 1:5 to facilitate cleaning and pay attention to immersion. Do not soak for too long;use a clean cloth dipped in 1:5 mixed detergent to scrub all drum structures, and then clean and remove external stains.


After cleaning all parts, wipe with a dry cloth, and then pour in the original protective agent to wipe the surface of the roller structure; only disassemble all disassembled equipment. Daily maintenance of roller frame? In order to ensure the quality, ensure the function of the equipment and extend the service life,check the appearance of the drum structure before use.

Check the smoothness of all transmissions regularly. In the process of smoothness and operation, avoid foreign matters, close the switch to start the motor test operation, investigate whether the parts are in normal operation, and ensure that there is no problem before operation. In the process of installation,the height and longitudinal direction of driving wheel and driven wheel frame shall be consistent. If not placed properly, the weldment will shift during rotation.

This article comes from the manual welding equipment of water tank

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