The importance of welding wire selection in welding

2020-06-10 563

Do you know what requirements welding robot has for welding wire? Let's talk about welding robot's requirements for welding wire


Welding robot can choose welding wire in barrel or in plate according to the need. In order to reduce the frequency of changing welding wire, welding robot should choose barrel welding wire. However, due to the use of barrel welding wire, the feeding hose is very long and the resistance is high, so the quality requirements of welding wire stiffness are high. When the welding wire with poor copper plating quality is used, the copper plating on the surface of the welding wire will reduce the volume of the pipe due to friction, and the resistance will increase when the wire is fed at high speed. The welding wire can not be sent out smoothly, resulting in shaking, which makes the arc unstable and affects the weld quality. When it is serious, the welding robot will be shut down due to the jamming phenomenon, so the welding wire guide pipe should be cleaned in time.

Users try to choose the same brand of products, just with this model of a very matching fixture to use, can make the use of the effect become very good. However, there is still a key issue to be considered by users when purchasing products.

This article comes from the manual welding equipment of water tank

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