What are the technical requirements for welding machines

2020-06-20 547

Many people do not understand the welding machine. In fact, the welding machine is a new functional form formed by the combination of welding roller carrier and welding positioner, but it is not a simple external combination. Jiangmen Zhisheng will introduce some technical requirements of welding machine for you. Through these requirements, I hope you can have a general understanding of the welding machine.

Similar to the welding positioner, the welding operator has the same technical requirements as the welding positioner

1. The first technical requirement of welding machine is rotary drive

(1) the rotary drive should realize stepless speed regulation and be reversible.

(2) within the range of rotary speed, the speed fluctuation under heavy load is less than 5%.

2. The second technical requirement of welding machine is tilt drive

(1) the tilting drive shall be stable, without shaking under heavy load, and the whole machine shall not overturn. If the heavy load q is more than 25kg, it should have power drive function.

(2) a limited position device should be set to control the tilt angle and have angle indication signs.

(3) the tilting mechanism should have self-locking function, which can not slide under heavy load and is safe and reliable.

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