Precautions for selecting welding materials

2020-07-08 585

1. Stainless steel welding strip can be divided into two types: titanium calcium type and low hydrogen type. DC power supply should be used for welding current during welding, which is helpful to overcome the redness of welding rod and penetration. The titanium calcium type coating welding material is not suitable for all-round welding requirements, only suitable for flat welding and fillet welding.

2. The surface of stainless steel electrode should be kept dry when it is used. In order to prevent surface cracks, pores, pits and other issues. Do not repeatedly dry, otherwise the coating will fall off easily.


3. The welding joint of welding materials should be cleaned to prevent the welding rod from being stained with dirt, which will affect the welding quality.

4. To prevent intergranular corrosion caused by too long heating time, the welding current should not be too large, the arc should not be too long, the interlayer should be cooled quickly, and narrow channel welding should be adopted.

This article comes from the customization of automatic welding equipment

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