The way of welding robot controlling molten pool temperature

2020-07-17 581

From the existing technology point of view, it is no longer a problem to realize the automation and intelligence of welding machine. The appearance of welding robot is a good proof. Even so, some of the core parts are strictly controlled, such as temperature. Because the temperature of its molten pool will directly affect the welding quality, and there are many interference factors, so it is difficult to control. However, the following measures are relatively effective, including:


According to the space position and welding level of the welding seam in the operation, the appropriate welding current and electrode diameter can be selected for the welding robot. For example, when the welding is opened, the larger welding current and larger electrode diameter can be selected, which is easier to control the molten pool temperature and is the basis of weld formation.

At the same time, to grasp the angle of welding rod, the reference principle is that when the angle between the electrode and the welding direction is 90 degrees, the temperature of the molten pool is relatively high. With the decrease of the included angle, the temperature of the molten pool will gradually decrease. In addition, the key point is between the arc combustion. If the temperature of the molten pool is too high, the arc burning time can be reduced, the temperature of the molten pool will be reduced, and the weld bead will be avoided.

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