What are the characteristics of flux

2020-07-29 585

Welding materials usually contain flux. Flux is usually a mixture of rosin as the main component, which is the auxiliary material to ensure the smooth welding process. The main function of flux is to remove the oxide on the surface of solder and base metal (material) to make the metal surface reach the necessary cleanliness. It can prevent the re oxidation of the surface during welding, reduce the surface tension of solder and improve the welding performance. The performance of flux directly affects the quality of electronic products.


The flux has the following characteristics:

1) wetting (lateral flow): also known as wetting, refers to the formation of a uniform, smooth, continuous and firmly adhered solder layer on the metal surface. The degree of wetting mainly depends on the cleanliness of the surface of the weldment and the surface tension of the solder.

2) diffusion (longitudinal flow): along with the wetting phenomenon of molten solder diffusion on the welded surface, the solder also diffuses into the solid metal.

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