Selection method of welding equipment

2020-07-24 612

Welding equipment refers to the weapon equipment required to maintain the welding process. Welding equipment includes welding machine, welding process weapon equipment and welding auxiliary equipment. In China, the design scheme and manufacturing of universal welding equipment have a long history, and a series of relevant national industry standards and national standards have been implemented, which plays a key role in promoting the development trend of general welding equipment processing and manufacturing industry and ensuring the quality and reliability of welding equipment. The selection of welding equipment is a key content in the formulation of welding process, involving many elements, but we should pay attention to the following many levels of elements.

1. Technical standard of welded structure

The technical standard of the structure to be welded includes the raw material characteristics, structural characteristics, specifications, precision regulations and application standards of the structure. If the raw material of welding structure is general high carbon steel, it is OK to select arc welding transformer; if the welding structure regulation is higher and low hydrogen type welding wire is specified, DC arc welding machine shall be selected. If it is welding of thick and large objects, electroslag welding machine can be applied; if it is bar material connection, cold pressing welding machine and resistor butt welding machine can be selected.


2. Specific application

Different welding equipment can weld the same weldment, which should be selected according to the specific application conditions. When welding in the countryside, the switch power supply and pneumatic valve are not available, so the welding generator set such as diesel DC arc welding generator set is selected as welding equipment. For high-precision welding parts that are not allowed to be reprocessed or quenched and tempered after butt welding, the ion beam welding machine with centralized kinetic energy, no need to add metal composite materials, less heat hazard zone and high precision should be selected.

3. Economic benefits

When welding, the energy consumption of welding equipment is very considerable. When selecting welding equipment, the welding equipment with low power consumption and high power factor should be selected as far as possible under the premise of considering the processing technology.

For specific metal materials or aluminum alloy, heat-resistant alloy and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, according to the details, rare gas maintenance welding machine, low-temperature plasma arc welding machine and ion beam welding machine can be selected. For a large number of welding structures with fixed structure and specification, special welding machine can be selected.

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