How to choose welding positioner correctly

2020-08-08 579

Nowadays, positioner is a very young product. Many manufacturing industries need positioner. Therefore, it is wise to select the required products wisely in this highly demanding environment. As the manufacturer of welding positioner, the selection of welding positioner will be introduced.

1. Selection of structural welding positioner

(1) according to the characteristics of the rear axle box of bulldozer and X structure of excavator, the appropriate welding positioner can be selected, and L-type double rotation welding positioner can be used, and the chassis of bulldozer can use welding positioner of roller chassis type. The excavator bucket welding positioner can be planned as C-type double rotation transformation, while the excavator manipulator can use double column single shift machine.

(2) select the type according to the situation of craft welding. The selected welding positioner can transfer any welding from the welding position to the flat welding or ship welding position, prevent the straight welding and high-altitude welding, and ensure the welding quality.

(3) according to the operation needs, the welding positioner with good opening, convenient operation, compact structure and small floor area should be selected. The working height of workers should be as low as possible, safe and reliable. It is necessary to consider simple and practical work clothes in the planning of the tool.

(4) selection of large structural parts welding operation height of positioner for large structural parts of construction machinery is very high, and workers can weld through filling. It can also be equipped with hydraulic lifting table to facilitate welding at different heights.


2. Several common positioner structures of Shantui construction machinery

(1) the single rotation double column welding positioner is suitable for welding rectangular structural parts of construction machinery, such as the excavation of mechanical arm and roller chassis. Its main feature is that the electric operation equipment at one end of the column operates along the rotation direction, and the other end follows the movable end. The columns on both sides can be planned to be improved according to different standards. The disadvantage of this positioner is that it can only rotate in one circular direction. When selecting, it is necessary to pay attention to the proper welding method. Fig. 1 shows the application of the positioner in the welding of the movable arm of mountain pushing and digging.

(2) the welding positioner with double seat and double rotating head and tail is compared with the first type of positioner, that is to say, according to Fig. 1, another rotation degree of freedom is added to the welded structural components in another space. This positioner has a large welding space, can rotate the workpiece to the required position, and has been successfully used in many construction machinery manufacturers.

(3) double L rotary welding positioner. The equipment of this positioner is L-shaped and has two rotational degrees of freedom, and can rotate freely ± 360 ° in both directions. Compared with other types of positioners, the positioner has good opening and is easy to use.

(4) the C-type double rotating welding positioner has the same rotation mode as the L-type machine. However, in order to facilitate the specific planning of the fixture, the operation equipment of the positioner is slightly changed depending on the shape of the structural parts. This type of welding positioner is suitable for welding loader bucket and excavator bucket.

The article comes from the customization of water tank welding machine

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