Jiangmen Zhisheng Automatic Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and sales of automated welding equipment. The company's main products: manual sink production equipment, automatic welding machines, CNC welding equipment, industrial robots, circular seam welding machines, longitudinal seam welding machines, profile welding machines, automatic argon arc welding machines, automatic barbecue furnace welding machines, oil fume extraction Automatic welding machine, various special welding machines can be customized. We attach great importance to the cultivation of talents, and are well-known in the welding applications of enterprises across the country. All types of welding machines we produce and sell have received very good service support and life-long maintenance. This is our advantage.

       Our application fields have been successfully and efficiently used in the manufacturing of various products in the environmental protection industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, aerospace, precision hardware, packaging industry, toy industry, textile industry, etc. Adhering to our fine tradition of producing ultrasonic welding machines for 20 years, we strive for perfection and perfection. Sincerely provide you with quality service! Over the past ten years, it has won unanimous affirmation, recognition and support from customers! The company also implements professionalism, pragmatism, innovation, credibility, and service to repay new and old customers.

       The automatic welding machine is designed for the four-corner welding of the box body parts; the four seams at one end of the box body are welded by the argon arc welding process at the same time; pneumatic clamping positioning, accurate and reliable positioning, and convenient adjustment; the control interface is intelligent, Automation, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and beautiful welding seam shape, it is an ideal machine for automatic welding of various box parts.

      Reminder: Traditional welding work lacks safety, efficiency, and health. Comes with a set of automatic welding equipment to eliminate all your worries. It is an indispensable right and left hand for you in the hardware industry. We sincerely hope to help you and join hands. Progress together, only win-win is the real win!